wing foil package

How do I select a wing foil package?

You have decided to begin wing foiling? To alleviate the burden of equipment, some manufacturers have planned complete wing foil packages that include the wing, foil, and board, all of which are compact and inflatable. However, deciding between the various wing foil packages available can be difficult, especially if you are a beginner. What should you look for, and what size board or wing should you get? We have so many questions for ourselves. Here are the criteria to consider when selecting your wingfoil package.

What is in a wing foil package?

Most wing foil packages include the wing board, wing foil wing, and foil. Then there’s the wing leash and board leash, the carry bag, and the wing foil pump, which are sometimes included and sometimes not. They are especially suitable for beginners in terms of price and completeness, but they are still upgradeable. Beginners want to take off quickly and have fun at low speeds, but a large wing foil wing is difficult to manage in transitions, so be wary of wing foil packages that include very large wing foil wings.


The good news is that wing foil packages can be upgraded to match your progress thanks to interchangeable foils and wing foil wings. It is simple to find compatible equipment from the same brand, either new or used in wing foil. It is common to have two different sized wings to deal with different conditions. It is also important to know few basics about wingfoil

The dimensions of the wing foil wing

The 5m wing foil wing size is the most commonly used. It is appropriate for people weighing 70-80kg and for light to medium wind conditions. The idea is to begin with a small kite and work your way up. However, keep in mind that a large wing foil wing will be more cumbersome and difficult to lift. When you first start out, you should consider this detail and avoid betting on a wing that is too large.

A wing foil wing that is too small, on the other hand, will be more nervous. As a result, we advise that the wing foil packages be over-rigged rather than under-rigged. With all of the criteria in mind, selecting your wingfoil package should be simple. You get it, the proportions of the wing board, wing foil wing, and foil are chosen based on the user’s weight and skill level.