Radiation Measurement

A Discussion of Active Dosimeter and its Role in Radiation Measurement

A dosimeter is one of the important devicesused in the radiological field to measure exposed radiation. This radiological dosimeter should be used personally hence individual human absorption can be measured easily. The radiation absorption is not good for the environment also if humans incurred then they will suffer a lot of health issues also they may carry that to the future generation. Hence if anyone works in the field of radiation then they should be aware and use the dosimetría radiológica properly. Dosimeters are exists in various types and those are distinguished based on their nature and also the function. Here in this article let us see some of the types ofdosimeters.

These different types of dosimeters can be classified into two major kinds named active and passive dosimeters. Active dosimeters are the kinds that can detect and measure radiation in real-time and the data can be visualized immediately. But in passive dosimeters, the absorption can be made and that will be measured and the data can be seen later by analyzing it in the dosimeter centers. Real-time data is not possible in this kind. Let us see some of the active dosimeters in this article briefly.

dosimetría radiológica

Electronic Personal Dosimeter: Simply this is called EPD. It is one of the advanced devices in the field of radiological where that favors continuous readout of the actual dose rate that is absorbed also the cumulative dose rate can be read out with this device. A person wearing this dosimeter to measure the radiation and if that person absorbed beyond the specific rate of radiation dose then the dosimeter warns them timely. The EPD has a display where the real-time data can be visualized and can get a direct reading and this EPD can be used as the primary and also the supplement dosimeter in the measurement. Most of the time the EPD (active dosimeter) will be used with the passive dosimeter since bothcomplements each other. Since it is providing real-time data this kind of dosimeter will be used in the high dose area also the user of this dosimeter will be limited due to the high dose constraints.

MOSFET Dosimeter: It is the replacement for the TLD dosimeter (Passive) since favors getting the reading immediately. This is also the active dosimeter and works with the help of a MOSFET transistor. Since it is working principle belongs to semiconductors their size can be reduced to as small as possible and that may be less than 4 mm2.