Pressure Washing

How Long Should I Wait After Pressure Washing to Stain

Have you ever noticed that wooden planks don’t really look all that much like the trees that you might notice in forest all around the world? That has much to do with the fact that any wood that you utilize at home would not be raw or unprocessed. Quite on the contrary, it will have undergone a rigorous regimen of processing and this is followed up by a staining procedure that will give it the traditional look that you are so familiar with at this current point in time.

The thing is, when you power wash any wooden surfaces at all, this stain coating can come right off without a shadow of a doubt. That makes sense when you take into account how high the pressure can be at certain settings. Even if you keep the pressure at the lowest possible setting, it is likely that at least some of the stain coating would get removed. As a result of the fact that this is the case, you might need to apply another stain layer so that your wood can look good as well as being washed clean thanks to the pressure washing machine that you used.

The appropriate wait time that is supposed to elapse prior to staining becoming feasible is somewhere around the seventy hour mark. Another way to put this is that you need to stain your deck around three days after you wash it with highly pressurized jets of water which possesses the chemical name hydrogen dioxide. This will allow your wood to acquire a rustic and gorgeous look, one that you would greatly appreciate as the years start to go by.