Treatment for High Testosterone Level in Female – High Testosterone In Women: Treatment, Causes And, Symptoms


Testosterone is fundamentally created by the male harmone called androgens. Nonetheless, this chemical can in any case be tracked down in little amounts in ladies’ ovaries. The ovaries produce estrogen and testosterone chemicals. Testosterone is fundamental as it is important for fostering the body and regenerative tissues in ladies. Treatment for high testosterone level in female exists and it can help a lot.

Treatment for High Testosterone Levels

There are various ways of treating high testosterone. Be that as it may, the legitimate treatment choice relies upon the reason for the condition. Treatment for high testosterone normally includes prescription and way of life changes:

  • Medication: A few prescriptions can assist with treating issues connected with high testosterone levels. Your side effects or the condition’s goal will figure out what sort of medications your primary care physician will recommend for you. For instance, your PCP might endorse a progestin to further develop ripeness and manage periods.
  • Hair Removal Treatments: Hair evacuation medicines like shaving, culling, waxing, and utilizing depilatory creams can assist you with dealing with gentle hirsutism hair issues. Notwithstanding, the disadvantage of these medicines is that they might cause skin bothering and require different treatment meetings. You might have to wax each four to about a month and a half to hold new hairs back from developing.
  • Lifestyle Changes: One more powerful method for bringing down testosterone levels in ladies is by making way of life changes. Changing your dietary patterns, remaining dynamic, and joining wellness or get-healthy plan can assist with further developing PCOS side effects. Concentrates on a show that a horrible 5-10% of body weight might assist with decreasing testosterone levels in ladies and forestall different complexities.