What is The Least Peaceful Country in The World?

While no one can guarantee you full safety anywhere in the world, there still are a few places you better stay away from if you want to lead a happy life away from most problems.

In this article, we’ll tell you about some of the least peaceful countries in the world. This means that the countries mentioned in this list are under an ongoing conflict. Moreover, this list included countries with more chances of violence.

So, here are some countries to stay away from if you don’t want to visit a troubled country.


Russia is included in this list not because it has an internal armed conflict happening, but because 21% of its population thinks that they might become a victim of a violent crime in their lifetime. Around 10% of its population has actually experienced a violent crime.

Russia is home to lots of violent protests against the government, and you won’t enjoy freedom of expression as much as in other democratic countries.


Although the 15 month long conflict between armed groups in Libya which killed hundreds and displaced thousands is over, there’s still civil unrest and instability in the African country.

Moreover, travelers to Libya are very highly likely to experience violence, and that’s why we don’t recommend that you visit this country anytime soon.


Democratic Republic of Congo, or DRC has a conflict with its neighbor Zambia over a conflicted area. You should therefore reconsider your decision to travel to this country if you’ve already decided to. Police and armed forces in DRC lack proper resources to respond to any large-scale violence. Robbers usually pose as police to loot citizens.


Iraq has been in the list of least Peaceful countries since 2015. While the ISIS is defeated and Death toll from terrorism has decreased greatly, US citizens are still threatened when visiting Iraq. So, we won’t recommend that you visit this country anytime soon.